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Saturday, July 22, 2006

7 On Your Side: Inside The Mind Of The Hacker

"Nothing, no matter how secure it looks, is really secure. There's always another way in," says described Paul Williams, President and CTO of Gray Hat Research. He first discovered his fascination with breaching security at a bank, finding a way to break into a secured vault. He was only 9 years old. "We took a piece of paper and drew the bank layout, drew out the camera angles through trial and error and found that there were spots you can stand and do anything you wanted. And we'd be in the bank vault an hour at a time with no one around," says Williams. He has turned his ability to hack computers into his own business, revealing his secrets to other companies and consumers about beating hackers at their own game. Some pop ups for example read: "Your current security settings prohibit running Active-X controls on this page, and it may not display correctly." While it looks legitimate, what it really means you likely have spyware or worse running on your computer that your anti-virus software cannot detect. Your inbox is not any better, as many as 83% of the emails is spam. "The director of the secret service stated a year ago that the rate the internet is going, in about 2 years the internet will be close to unusable," adds Williams. With that in mind, Williams says update your anti-virus and download automatic updates on a regular basis. Not doing these account for up to 80% of attacks and intrusions on homes computers. It could take on average 150 to 700 hours to resolve. "I would describe it more as a sense of contemptuousness that no one is going to be better than them," says Williams describing how hackers think. While there's no stopping the ruthless mind of a hacker, it's an indication that as the internet grows in convenience, it's sense of safety is decreasing more and more.

Another piece of advice from Williams: when you shop online, use a low limit credit card-- not a debit card that is attached to your bank account, in case your identity is stolen.

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